Entry formalities for Greek waters

All yachts entering Greek waters should fly as a sign of respect the Greek flag and then proceed to a port of entry.
As for yachts coming from countries outside the EU, they should fly a “Q” or yellow flag and will need to complete full immigration and customs/port police clearance.
Vessel Documents
All Yachts have to carry:
- The original registration document
- Proof of VAT status is also required for EU boats.
- The original insurance certificate and its Greek translation (minimum cover Third part liabilities)
- The skipper must have an International Certificate of Competence.
- Traffic Document (DEKPA). All yachts over 10m LOA, with EU flag, are required to obtain a Traffic Document (DEKPA) from the Port Police. There is not time limit and it can be renewed at any port police office. Normally, it is has to be submitted to the Port Authorities upon every arrival and departure, with a relevant crew-passenger list.
- The Transit Log is a customs registration document for non- EU yachts visiting EU waters.
- A. VAT not paid in E.U. the transit log is valid for 6 months if the user of the yacht is a non E.U. citizen,
- B. VAT not paid in E.U. the transit log is valid r only one month if the user is E.U. citizen.
- C. VAT paid, the transit log is unlimited.
Yachts with transit log are due to reciprocal charges every three months. (Length * 15,00 euro + 23% VAT). Gibraltar flag is exempted.
- All yachts holding this document may stay within Greek waters for as long as the Transit Log is valid.